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Charlotte Barron

Stuart Farr
Commercial Disputes

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Commercial Disputes

Stuart Farr
Commercial Disputes Lawyer

Stuart joined Taylors in December 2020 from Knights plc. Prior to that he was head of the Dispute Resolution team at Clarke Willmott’s Birmingham office.

Stuart is a seasoned commercial disputes lawyer with over 25 years’ experience in resolving disputes. Specialising in contractual disputes and negligence (notably professional negligence), Stuart has helped both commercial entities and individual clients to address a broad range of business related and private problems. In many cases, he has become their “go to” trusted advisor.

He has particular experience within various manufacturing-based industries and is often instructed on technical and complex disputes over production-line equipment, machinery, breaches of specification, and product liability. He also advises clients on matters arising from investments, shareholdings, partnerships, franchises, agencies, distributorships, suppliers and customers up and down the commercial supply chains, including consumers and end users.

Operating in disputes both nationally and internationally, Stuart’s experience enables him to get to grips with matters quickly and so provide speedy and effective advice on strategy in order to achieve the desired outcome and frequently without the need for litigation.

Stuart has a niche expertise in firearms law. He advises manufacturers, retailers and private individuals in and around the gun trade. He is a regular columnist in national and trade publications such as Gun Trade News, Clay Shooting Magazine, Sporting Rifle and Countryman’s Weekly on both legal and non-legal topics. He also has a strong background in ethics (professional, business and research ethics) and is a keen proponent of the use of ethical conduct as a real and practical means of dispute avoidance generally. He currently sits on the Ethics Committee of Oxford University.

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