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Should've gone to the IPO? We’ll see!

» Posted on:19 Aug 2016

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Chelsea FC are taking a hard line on their trademark registrations. Not only did they delay Jose Mourinho’s move to Manchester United as they had trademark registrations for the Mourinho name and signature (see our previous article) but they are now clamping down on use of the term CHELSEA which they trademarked in April of this year in class 25, including football jerseys, football strips, caps, sweatshirts and scarves.

This means that the traders will no longer be able to use the football club’s name without consent from its owners. It is reported that Trading Standards Officers have made it clear to traders that any new merchandise must comply with the registered trademark and must not use the word Chelsea without such consent.

Unlicensed traders outside the ground will no longer be able to sell the half and half scarves that were popular with visitors and often collected as souvenirs by supporters as they displayed the names of both teams playing and the date of the match.

It remains to be seen whether official half and half scarves will be offered for sale by Chelsea or whether other clubs will follow Chelsea's example and apply to trademark their name but for now, if asked if Chelsea FC are putting their foot down on use of their trademark the answer has to be "not half!"

For guidance on trade mark registration how best to protect your intellectual property against unfair competition and passing off contact Tony Catterall, Head of the Intellectual Property Team at Taylors, on 01254 297900 or via email at tony.catterall@taylors.co.uk. Taylors is the only North West based firm to have been appointed as a legal affiliate to the National organisation Anti Copying In Design ("ACID").

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