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» Posted on: 3 April 2012

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On 29 March Head of IP Tony Catterall was invited to join a select group of East Lancashire business leaders in meeting Baroness Wilcox to discuss issues of concern to East Lancashire manufacturers in the context of the Hargreaves Report on intellectual property.

Tony was joined at the ELCCI by John Carter of Graham & Brown; Ian Blackburn, Sales Director of Senator; Tony Holt of Linemark; Val Pilkington of PMT and Mark Crabtree of AMS Neve.

A common theme was the problems created by Chinese infringers and Tony Catterall explained to Baroness Wilcox that he had dealt with four infringement cases in the last couple of years involving dishonest forgery of documents by Chinese suppliers, in each case purporting to provide a false provenance to their infringing products. These remarks were echoed by John Carter, who explained that his company had a whole range of wallcovering designs copied by a Chinese company which when sued went into liquidation and started again under a different name. Ian Blackburn confirmed that Senator’s chair designs had been copied by unscrupulous Chinese businesses almost immediately after they were launched in the UK.

Tony also canvassed the Baroness on the need for increased education among SME’s regarding their IP rights. He called for greater publicity from the UK Intellectual Property Office as to the needs of SME clients and not just individuals or start up businesses, where much of their publicity material is currently targeted.

Tony Catterall’s contribution to the meeting was well received by Baroness Wilcox and her Government colleagues and Tony has been asked to send written submissions to BIS for inclusion in their response to the Hargreaves report.

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