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Protecting Clients’ Copyright is Manda-tory at Taylors

» Posted on: 30 January 2007
» Posted by: Tony Catterall
» Service area: Intellectual Property

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Taylors have hit the headlines once again with news of a successful outcome to a high profile copyright infringement case.

During the Hyndburn local election campaign in May 2006, Councillor Graham Jones prepared a leaflet for the Labour Party which included a photograph of a Community Support Officer taken by him, with the consent of the Police. The copyright in this photograph is owned by Councillor Jones.

Without Councillor Jones’ consent, Conservative Councillor Peter Britcliffe published a leaflet on behalf of the Conservative Party which reproduced this photograph.

Councillor Britcliffe has now accepted that by publishing the Conservative Party leaflet he infringed copyright and has agreed to compromise the legal proceedings issued on Councillor Jones’ behalf by way of the publication of an acknowledgment of the infringement, payment of damages to cover Councillor Jones’ expenses in producing the leaflet, and an agreed sum in respect of Councillor Jones’ legal costs.

Tony Catterall, Head of Intellectual Property at Taylors Solicitors, said:

“This case was a point of principle for Councillor Jones and proved to be an unwelcome but necessary distraction to protect his rights. He originated the photograph and leaflet for the Labour Party and wanted to put down a marker that Councillor Britcliffe was out of order in producing a parody of the leaflet in an attempt to make political capital”.

“Councillor Jones is happy that justice has been done and believes the parties should now move on to concentrate on Hyndburn Borough policy matters and not personality politics” commented Catterall.

So if you believe that you have been copied – you should contact Tony Catterall!

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